Vin. Slap. And a short discursion on the relative merits and demerits of the neoliberal model.

Never work with children or animals. W.C Fields

Always work with children and animals. They’re far more exciting than adults. Julia Head 2017

I was sat in the bar of a posh theatre in London. I overheard a conversation between two posh men who talked about wine for 25 minutes. They spoke of nothing else. It made me laugh, but not as much as the idea of two 7 year old girls dressed as posh men trying to repeat a conversation in which two posh men spoke about wine for 25 minutes.

So that’s what this is.
That’s all this is.

Six 7 year olds will dress up as adults and we will try to convince them to say the lines of the script. They might not say what we want them to. They might do it perfectly on opening night and never recreate the same again. We are excited. We have a copy of the script and a packet of fizzy cola bottles. We are going to try and convince them to do it.

This is a show about gluttony.
This is a show about organised chaos.
This is a show about the decisions we make and the scripts we stick to as we age.


And forget how to act on impulse.