A brief and benighted history.

Whoever master form masters time. Glyn Maxwell

We are only just starting to be able to make eye contact with the male gaze, and not just call it reality.
Lucy Prebble, Twitter, 17.11.17

Nell and Oscar meet on Studland beach in Dorset. Its 1595... or maybe it’s 1610. Oscar has returned from his first term at university and Nell is doing fuck all, (anything more than that would endanger her fertility… probably). They will meet here, again and again, on this beach... for the next 400 years.

Stuff will change. As it does with time. They will try to keep up.

Alice Lamb and Annabel Baldwin in Wild Swimming. Image by TheOtherRichard. 

Nell - Alice Lamb
Oscar - Annabel Baldwin

Text - Marek Horn
Direction - Julia Head
Design - Zoe Brennan
Producers - Ruby Gilmour and Joseff Harris